Wednesday, November 4, 2020

POLITICS :: The Day After...

Interesting day...

I didn't get into too many of the articles and news videos, just looked to see what was happening.  The media likes to make the headlines and articles look like their man is the winner.  I hope he is not.  I'm waiting for the final tally, and the legal moves, and the system overload to pass.  

We really need to find a better way to do this.

I don't remember these problems from my younger voting days... maybe I just wasn't aware of them.  We also didn't have these huge issues dividing us like they are now.

Our enemies benefit from all this.  Remember the big statement ::  Divide and conquer...

The Bible version is ::  A house divided cannot stand.

How can we save our nation?  Keep ourselves free?  Respect the boundaries of the Constitution?  Preserve human life because it's the right thing to do?  Get the real truth so we can make up our own minds about issues?

We are seriously in trouble.

I keep asking GOD how we can change this mess and become His protected people again.  Given the warnings of PROPHECY, there may not be a way.

I thought about David and the judgment of GOD that was placed on him because of his sins with Bathsheba.  It was a forever judgment... against his family.  I think it was something like "violence would never leave his household."  After some time I thought about all the troubles that happened... rape, more murder in vengeance, betrayals... and how he cried over Absalom.  

One day it occurred to me he might have been crying because his sins took GOD's protections away from his children and future generations.  When GOD judges our sins, it is equal to them... he committed adultery and murder for his own selfish reasons, and these things were part of the future for everyone in his house. 

At that time in history, I think sins and their judgments lasted up to three generations... something like that.  I remember reading somewhere in the Bible about ten generations, but I am not sure what that was for.  You can look it up to find out.

Later on, GOD removed that "curse" from the people and made every person responsible for their own sins.

Good for us.  Fathers that committed sins could cause the death of their entire family.

We learn bad ways of behaving in our families and with our peers.  We also can choose to change.  It is hard work, but GOD helps those who really want to change.

Prophecy says we are heading toward the Antichrist... and that evil will grow... and that Christians / Jews will be persecuted and killed for their faith.  I see this future in our world today.  How to live in the middle of all this is a question I haven't been able to answer yet.

Who wins this election is going to be more important than anyone understands.  We are at a point of going toward evil completely.  The foundations of the Democratic Party have become everything GOD hates.  There won't be any way to salvage our nation from GOD's judgment.  It is a hard thing to watch happening.  If Joe Biden dies, we will end up with Kamala Harris as president, and Nancy Pelosi as the replacement VP... think about what that means to our country.

Trump is not without problems, too.  No person is "perfect."  What he does represent is a man who loves America, Freedom, and eyes that are different than other presidents in the past.  If the economy falls, he will have different solutions than the ordinary politicians. I am hoping he will find new ways to increase the income of the government without increasing taxes.  

Raising taxes is the only solution the Democrats ever have.

So, I will watch the internet versions of the "news" tomorrow and try to share more thoughts here tomorrow... GOD willing I am still here and able to do that.  :-)

PRAY for our nation, for its government, for its future, for better leaders to be found.  We are in terrible danger from so many directions, not just party politics.  I have shared some of those dangers in the past. I won't repeat them here.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

and more...

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