Tuesday, November 3, 2020


I have been searching for information about the election from about 5 or more sites, including afa.net, You Tube pages, epoch times reporting, google election into, and I don't remember where else... that may be it.  It is funny to me, always, to listen to the conversations. 

  • I noticed that some places made it look like Biden won by not entering Trump details.  
  • I discovered Google's map and details about the different races.
  • I see that Christian reporting needs some organizing and more visual aids.  :-)
  • I found a new source in the Epoch Times coverage, which was the one I most enjoyed for this year, but had its moments of bias.

It seems like everyone expects more trouble and no definite victor tonight.

From what I can tell so far, the Republicans seem to be winning the Senate and the House. Of course, that's just based on what I have seen in different spaces.  Each site shares information in different ways.

The thought of Nancy Pelosi taking over the VP position made me extremely aware of how important winning the House is.  

The Supreme Court dramas made me extremely aware of how important winning the Senate is.  

I vaguely recall the Republicans having control of things recently... and I waited to see them accomplish anything substantial.  I didn't see anything I would call momentous.  And I wondered why.

If they get control this time, I hope they do SOMETHING valuable for our nation.

I guess I will be heading off to bed after checking my coverage sites one more time.  I hope I wake to find TRUMP the winner, or likely winner, of the Presidency.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


and more...

May GOD preserve our nation for His glory and our faith...

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