Thursday, November 5, 2020

POLITICS :: Looks like a long wait for the final winner

 I finally was able to watch come of the internet spaces about the election... pretty much all liberal and blatantly for Biden.  It looks like we have to wait for the final count, and probably all the legal efforts.

It always shows me that even liberals can't count on their news because they only hear the liberal view.  I don't know what will happen to our nation, we are so divided I wonder if there is anything that will help us to become worthy of GOD's protection and blessings... and what does that mean for Christians.

Morals are the hidden element of this problem.  We rely on the morality of our people.  If they don't believe in the boundaries that GOD brings to our lives, it means they will justify anything they do to reach their desired end.  Biblical values are the foundation of a true Christians life.  They require certain behaviors, attitudes, and actions.  If someone doesn't have those values, it changes the outcome of every challenge.

When I listen to liberal news reports, I try to understand what is not said.  In todays reports, all the information and comments were negative toward Trump and Republicans... all information and comments about Biden and Democrats were positive and encouraging and presented with the idea that there is no real way he can lose.  So, what does this mean for the content that is given to its listeners?  Is it TRUE?  HONEST?  Real?

When you take this thought to other news, how do any of know what to consider when we make our decisions about things that matter?

The bigger issue is that it affects all of America.

When I was thinking about TRUMP possibly losing, I wondered what our nation will look like by the time our next election gets here.  The things that matter to Biden and Harriss, and in the Democratic Party platform, will seriously hurt our nation because they are not about making us a better people or country, they are about going against the Republicans.

Abortion murders an innocent child.  Rampant murder will be promoted by our government.  The Democrats have even consider killing a child after it is born! This will take sex selection and Downs Syndrome to a whole new level.

It has always been a question to me WHY they feel this way... what is the goal for this kind of view?  The idea that there is an "elite" group of wealthy people creating the New World Order has been around for a long time.  They seem to believe their dream is the only one.  It is also assuming that everything in our world will remain the same, benefitting them and justifying whatever they do.  I think the Hitler search for a "perfect race" is part of their quest.  Hitler's search was blonde hair and blue eyes I think.  Will this view rise again?  Or is it already behind a lot of decisions.

I think also about trusting people who earnestly believe in the hype they are told.  They don't know the hidden purposes of their guiding group, they think they are supporting a worthy goal.  This is kind of like managers in a business who only say what they have to in motivating their workers to perform in a desired way.  What happens when we discover it wasn't true?  It's a hard place to be.

I do admit I will be seriously saddened if TRUMP does not win.  It will be like watching the last straw fall and "break the camel's back."  I will be watching the fall and trying to find ways to survive.  There won't be anyone to help when there is no one else to tax.

Until next time,  PRAY for our nation, PRAY for the media we depend on for our own lives and decisions and future.

In Christ,

Deborah  Martin

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