Friday, November 6, 2020

POLITICS :: Here early for today's comments - interesting graphic from Eagle Forum!

 I was checking Twitter and this interesting graphic came up in an EAGLE FORUM post.

I made a bunch of reposts at Republican places, and also asked to know if it was true... It is so hard to believe that the election offices wouldn't be aware of the number counts.

Hope to find out.

Other than that...

I was disappointed to see news items saying that Biden was climbing in the voter counts... thinking what will happen to America if Biden wins... wondering how life will change, and how fast.

I have prayed the GOD would speak to His People with this election, by who won.

Seeing Biden as the possible next president set my mind to search for that meaning.

This is my consuming thought now... until the final decisions are made by people beyond my reach. I will try to let you know what happens in that process, but thinking is like a fog - you can't always grab it and hold it and make it real.

So... until next post... PRAY for our nation.

Deborah Martin

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